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    i5 throttling: possibly causing audio crackling


      I have a home studio now set up in my basement. For months I havent been able to figure out how to solve a crackling problem.  Playing CDs DVDs Youtube and monitoring my guitars through the speakers have all been masked by digital hiss, noise, and the occasional crackling.  I tried 2 audio cards, and I am now using an M-audio delta 1010LT to record with.  Other M-audio users have been successful in eliminating the throttling of their processors, after exhausting all other "quick fixes" - which I have done, and with no success.  A program I used to have showed that my i5 is throttling even when my computer is idle and nothing is going on.  It is confirmed that this is one of the reasons contributing to crackling noises while recording.  I am wondering how I can stop it from throttling, after I've already disabled speedstep in my Dell BIOS, and later upgraded it to a newer version.
      Dell Inspiron 580
      intel i5
      Cubase Essential 5
      M-audio Delta 1010LT audio card
      Windows 7 64