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    Windows Live beta apps freeze with Intel


      just to let you guys know that all Windows Live beta (wave4) applications, like Messenger, Sync, Mail...freeze when launched if Intel graphics drivers are installed. I had to roll back to to get things work again.

      I started a thread here on Windows Live forums: http://windowslivehelp.com/thread.aspx?threadid=548a2ca7-4771-4eaa-8c69-39447b28bce1

      Had a conversation with an Intel rep a bit earlier on your chat interface. Not sure she really understood what I was talking about. I just hope she transmitted the issue to the developers.

      Again, I don't need help as I temporarily solved my issue by rolling back to older drivers, but I want Intel to be aware of the problem. I'm running a 4500GMA graphics chip on Win7/64.