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    d865glc done for?


      bought this board used in 1/2010, has worked fine, except that I can't find a way to make it stay in standby, but thats another issue.  First the pc just shut off, no power flutter etc. After a 2 trys, it rebooted but a long time before the bios actually came up. Ran ok for a day after that.

      Then shut down again, same thing on reboot, long time for bios to actually boot up. Then it went out again. Now it seems dead to boot. However, when plugged in I get the power led on and the onboard ethernet also lights up. Trying to figure if its dead dead and get some thing new. I have 4 1gb ddr chips now that I want to reuse to save money so don't want to change mb also the p4 2.5gig processor. Any suggestions how to test or reset and recs for replacement mb's where I can reuse my processor and memory?