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    DH57DD problems: random restarts, high VR temp, broken Fan and Temp monitoring


      Hi everybody,
      I once again did run into trouble with my new DH57DD mainboard.Actually, there are various problems.


      CPU:    i5-750
      Mainboard:    DH57DD, BIOS version 0537
      Memory:    1x Corsair TW3X4G1333C9A twin-set, 1x Corsair TW3X4G1333C9DHX twin-set, 8GB in total
      Graphics: NVidia Geforce 9800GT, 1GB Memory


      On to the problems:


      1) After I installed all components and booted the system, I got random restarts. I tried to install an OS (Win7 64bit and Fedora 13) but the system did never run long enough to finish. Same beaviour when I tried a Fedora Live CD. After reading in this forum, I learned that disabling the SpeedStep and C1 state in the BIOS did solve this problem on a different board model. Well, I disabled the two settings and guess what? The system booted and I didn't have one single random restart since. Of course, I would really like to use the SpeedStep technology, so any hint to an workaround (or even better: a working BIOS version!) would be great.




      2) When Win7 was finally running, I installed the latest Intel ME drivers and Desktop Utilities, where I could verify the next problem: the voltage regulator temperature. After a cold start, the VR temp starts at about 55°C and rises to 85-90°C! Please note: this is in idle, just starting the system->BIOS->Fan and temp monitor. Nothing else. The Desktop Utilities show the same values. If all four cores are at 100% load, the VR temp stabilizes at 100-110°C. All other temperatures are ok, CPU: 45°C idle, 65°C load, memory ~40-45°C, idle and load and the PCH shows 59°C.
      When idle, the CPU fan runs at 500rpm, the two system fans (both in, no out due to case limitations) run at 900rpm.
      Unfortunately I don't have access to an laser thermometer to verify the real temperatures.
      Does anybody have an explanation for these high temperature? Is that usual behavior? Could it be a problem with the hardware? Or with the (BIOS) software?
      Maybe I should add that the system was perfectly stable, no random shutdown or restarts, no bluescreens.



      3) After two or three weeks, I reinstalled Win7 and the Desktop Utilities. When I wanted to check the voltages and temperatures, but that page didn't show up, just stayed blank. I rebooted the system, went to BIOS->Fan and temp monitoring and... I got the heading, but the rest of the page stayed blank! After some seconds, the previous page came up automatically. Since then, I have not been able to check the temperatures, neither in the BIOS nor in the Desktop Utilities.
      Again, any hint to what the problem might be is highly appreciated.




      Okay, to sum it up:

      • What do I have to do, to use SpeedStep and C1 state withour random reboots? When will there be a BIOS version whith working SpeedStep?


      • Is it usual for DH57DD boards to have VR temperatures of 80°C and above in idle mode and above 100°C under load? What is the problem?


      • What might cause the Fan and Temp Monitor page in BIOS to stop working from one system start to another?


      Thanks for your help, tips, workarounds... anything.