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    Power on, but no display.


      Hi I had a D945GCNL mobo and its working for 3yrs now not until 3 days ago. My pc won't boot but the mobo light is on, fans is spinning and  also the HDD light is blinking. And also no beep. I'm only using only the built-in video card.


      What I've tried so far:

      1. Boot w/ processor only - no beep, no display.

      2. Boot w/ ram. Tried switching places. Tried another RAm - no beep, no display.

      3. Also tried taking out the PCU and at the same time cleaning all the dust. - no beep, no display.

      4. Boot w/ external video card. - no beep, no display.

      5. Boot w/ HD connected - no beep, no display. but hdd light is blinking.



           I did not add any new devices.


      Hope somebody can help me on this. Thanks in advance.