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    Intel Turbo Boost not working, help


      My notebook comes with I7-620QM. My  problem is that the Intel Turbo Boost is not working.


      It  was working before I update to the latest BIOS.


      How do I  know this? the Intel Turbo Boost applet does not show any spike, even  when i'm doing video conversion. Intel Processor ID Utility also gave me  an Expected reading of 2.67 Ghz and Reported reading of 1.19Ghz.


      I  was trying to google this problem and downloaded an application call  ThrottleStop. The funny thing is that after I ran this app, the Turbo  Boost started working, Intel Processor ID Utility gave a Reported  reading of 3.06Ghz (the max with 2 cores).


      I rebooted and  the Turbo Boost does not kicks in until I run the ThrottleStop.


      It  seems that when windows 7 boot, it forgot to turn on Turbo Boost or  something like that.


      Can anyone helpe there, thanks in  advance.



      Update,  I found out that the turbo boost will only work when the  battery is plug in. I usually work at home and plugged in, so I took out  the battery so that it will last longer.


      Can someone  explain or verify if this is normal?