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    Xeon family confusion...


      I'm working with an older Intel server board.  I'm having a hard time understanding EXACTLY which processors are supported on this server motherboard:



      Note it's NOT the:  S5000VSA4DIMMR


      It appears to me that this particular motherboard maxes out at:

      1:  5300 Series - X5365 - 3.00 Ghz

      2:  5100 Series - 5160 - 3.00 Ghz

      3:  5000 Series - 5080 - 3.73 Ghz


      All of which are 65 nm.  It looks like the 4DIMMR was release with changes allowing it to utilize the 45 nm technology.


      How am I doing so far?


      Currently, I'm running a pair of 5060's (3.2 Ghz) on this board.  Would any of those which ARE compatiable be much of boost?