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    Stressing CPU


      Hi All,

      I have just put together a new computer.


      P4 3.2GHZ 2MB HT


      500W SUPP

      HD 1640 PCI EXP 16X


      4GB DDR2


      From time to time Im getting a frozen mouse and wonder is the CPU being stressed by the newer components in this rig?


      All good advice welcome.




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          Use you key strokes control / Alt / Delete / all at the same time this will being up a screen click on windows Task manager , click on performance look at the CPU graph if the lines are all pegged out on the top of the graph if not , Look elsewere for the problem , like low battery in mouse if wireless weak signal relocate transmitter.If a wired mouse try a different USB port, If PS2 port get a usb mouse. Good Luck

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            Yes good advice thank you.  In addition do you think the CPU ( 2004 standard ) is bound to be stressed with all other parts being 2008 standard?



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              No I don't think any of your newer parts could hurt your CPU , I still run a old HP that I rebuilt , It's got the Intel Extreme ver. 3.2 cpu running Vista 32 bit with 4 gigs Ram and a 1 gig graphics card , Creative HD sound card , 3 different hard drives , 600 watt power supply , Rock solid and stable , my wife uses it for Her music library , she got about 160.000 soungs on I hope it don't crash before Iget her in the New machine that I built for Her. Back to the point it's real hard to hurt those old P4s.

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                Ok great, to backup my confidence though I found a programe called Prime95, you can Google for this....it will Force the CPU concerned to superstressed levels over a period of time and produce a filed report, which it seems is easily enough understood and interpreted, even for a Newbie like myself.

                Nice to meet you, thanks for your replies and take care.