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    Proset corrupts adapter driver, then disables wifi


      hello all, i have been running into an issue with my panasonic laptops i am deloying to about 60 different people throughout my organization.  the problem is proset corrupts the wifi adapter (wifi link 5100agn) driver, then when it cant locate the adapter anymore, it disables wireless and displays a red X on the icon in the taskbar.  i have since uninstalled proset and used just the driver to run the adapter and windows to run the wireless, though i would rather have intel proset be my wireless manager.


      as you see, i desperately need some help.  i have tried different drivers, different proset versions, different laptops, etc.  only about 6 in 60 have a problem, the rest seem to run proset correctly and never get disabled.

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          can you check what is the difference between the 6 affected laptop with the rest of the working ones?

          have you checked with panasonic for their drivers?

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            no difference that i can see with drivers, os updates, hardware, etc.  all are the exact same with exception to model numbers.  panasonic releases more updated toughbook models than i have seen in a long time.  i have three different T8 models that i am working with.  it seems this issue affects all the laptops across the board.  doesnt matter if its new out of the box or has been in production for 6 months.  the wireless adapter drops, the intel proset tries to get it back and in doing so, corrupts the driver of the adapter.  intel proset no longer sees the adapter even though it is installed according to device manager.