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    several questions about SRCSASLS4I



      i have installed SRCSASLS4I in my server but have got some questions about its settings:


      1. "Read policy" - in the prev versions of RAID Web Console 2 (5.00.x) i had got 3 variants: No Read Ahead, Read Ahead and Adaptive (Read Ahead). Now in last version of RWC2 (6.90.x) i have got only 2 variant: No Read Ahead and Always Read Ahead. Why? And when i set up controller over "BIOS" (ctrl+G) i have chosen "Adaptive (Read Ahead)" and now i see "Always Read Ahead" from RWC2 (6.90.x) ...


      2. "Disk Cach Policy" - does it mean cach in HDD? And what means "no change" in this case?


      3. "Write policy" -> IO Policy (sometimes named "Cache Policy"): afaik this policy affect only HDD cach? Or what? What is the best variant for data storage (i have got BBU + raid 5 virtual drive)?