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    warning:keyboard not found during (post) on Intel DG41RQ


      i buy a intel DG41RQ desktop board 7 month ago everything were ok but recently it showing a massage after the post warning keybord not found but in few sec window start and keybord also start to work what is the problem this massage come every time when i start my computer i m using a ps/2 keyboard

      the problem always comes when i shut down the computer and turn of UPS it i resart computer then it is showing this error pls give solution to ride of this problem. my email add is madan.gks@gmail.com

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          I have a fifteen year old PS/2 keyboard I stopped using because the connector was slightly loose from so many moves.  I expect USB to have similar problems eventually.  Intermittent electronic connections are not good for the system.

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            thanx to reply me but my problem is diffrent then yours i have a latest keyboard of tvs this is a ps/2 normal keyboard when i buy this board then i also bought this form the market and they both work well for six months but now this problem is coming i dont know what the problem is i updated my bois and also i formated my pc several times to get out of this problem is same if any one have the same problem then he can help me by sending me the solution of this problem. pls reply me if u have a real solution of this problem i want to know what is wrong now with my board why this was working before and not now.

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              Update the BIOS and check....

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                You might get more help if you provide the operating system you are using and a general description and age of your equipement, particularly the power supply.  My oldest PS/2 keyboard lacked a windows button.  With the permutations of equipment rapidly approaching infinity I would expect some problems and have seen reports of problems with keys not being accepted.  Few keyboards follow standard layouts now but if there is a change for you it should be related to changes in hardware or age.  I would not expect that cleaning a keyboard would cause this problem.  I don't know if they still give stuck key messages.  Membrane keyboards can recover with time.

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                  I have had some flashbacks now about log-in with Win 7.  This system loads so fast that sometimes entry is not accepted for a couple seconds and that may be rejected.  I don't know what the timing issue is but it does not seem to be a problem, so I would not be alarmed if your keyboard functions.  The option to use the on-screen keyboard is always available in log-on or in windows and it can be removed under Ease of Access options from Control Panel or the Start Menu.

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                    thanx to ans me curious592 i m here give the ans of all your replys i have the letest keybords which were working well on this board for six month and now to this keyboard is working fine on this board but a waring msg is coming during the post which i am writing down

                    "the following warning is detected during this post warning can be viewed in setup log life on bios

                    warning: keyboard not found"

                    that was the message that comming after the post for five sec i only want to know that why this message is comming and how can i get out of this problem i want my pc to work without any error mean to say i want my computer clean form all the error i recently updated my bios two time one three months ago and one recently but the problem is not solved i recently formeted my pc several times and now loaded window XP professional in it but the problem is same as when i bought this board i used xp in this and after two month form the date of purchasing i install window 7 in it and two months later of installing window 7  i got this warning and this warning is comeing yet to on xp i have the latest driver of chipset graphics lan audio etc now tell me the proper solution by which this error msg stop to come and my system will be as it was in past . thank u

                    only this warning is disturbing me otherwise all things are working very well i m using the same keyboar for replying you and there is no problem every key of it working well only during the post it show this warning for five secound and keyboard stops to work then well window starts to load keyboard also start to work


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                      One more thing i want to tell u when i were using the window 7 then this warning start to comes after two month later of installing window 7 so i thing the formating will solve my problem first i formatted it with window xp service pack 3 then my mouse left button also stop to work and my dvd rom also showing miss bheviour like if i place any disk in dvd rom then its data will be sown in the other drive that is a virtual drive created by demon tools then i again format it with window vista then to my mouse left botton stop to work whirl write was working  then i again format it with window 7 and after installation the window goes black and my system goes to hang nothing was displaying on monitor then i open the cpu for cheq the problem and i found that the harddisk is over heating i turn off pc and again give power to it then the problem was also same then i remove all the cables form the hard disk motherboard dvd rom and reconnect these but the harddisk was over heating i think my hard disk now gone to crash but when i again turn off the computer and  load xp disk in drive then my system start to work then i again format my system with window xp professional and install it now my system starts but there was problem with mouse left button it start to work but not properly when i click threee or more time then this take a single clike and sometimes it works on single click then i again format pc then my mouse start to work normaly but it takes a single click as doble then i again format my pc with xp professional for final time and all thing had normal beside the warning this warning is come every time after post this problem is not solving  either i format my pc or not .

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                        thnx my all problem i desribe u all the problem are now solved only the keybord warning is remain i talk to my btech frends and hardware enginers but they mark my problem as uninqe they never seen this king of problem in there life so they have also no solution of it if any one have a solution then help me

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                          No one wants to have such alerts.  Perhaps the Q series with Active Management Technology may be more sensitive to this.  More likely is inadequate power, so perhaps changing your power connections or power supply or keyboard.  I doubt that you should change the registry to get rid of this warning.  Windows 7 forums might give more information.

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                            Are you saying you turn off your UPS?