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    D510MO USB Boot


      I'm booting my D510MO from a USB2.0 stick.  I've tried several sticks (Crucial, Kingston, Sansdisk) and boots are terribly slow.


      The BIOS on the D510MO appears only expose USB1.1 support at boot time.  It also requires "legacy" support to be enabled to boot at all.  Under linux my initramfs loads pretty quickly and boot continues once the USB2.0 driver is loaded quite fast.  Under BSD (FreeNAS specifically) my mfsroot is 60MB+ and takes 4+min to load and continue the boot.

      Is it possible for the BIOS to expose USB2.0 at boot, I'm currently on v210?  I've performed the mfsroot load/mount actions after the drivers are loaded and it takes less than 10s.  I thought about th Z-130 that is supported by this board but fear it will suffer the same slowness at boot.


      I've settled on a SATA-CF adapter right now but that's eating up a SATA port.