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    DP55WG not displaying


      I'm setting up computer from scratch. I've done it several times before without problem as long as I follow the instructions, but this time when I'm installing PC using DP55WG boards with ATi Radeon 5650 HD, nothing displayed on screen, making it dificult to know what I have done. Before, I stuck on 4F problems, but I've flashed new BIOS and now stuck on EB error code. There is no display (I've tried HDMI, DVI, D-Sub display with no avail) and my keyboard LED doesn't blinks/no response (I tried on other computer and it worked fine).

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          You Don't have a jumper on pins 17 chassis intrusion do you??

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            No, there is no jumper at there. Even there is jumper, I have tried closing the chasis and it still the same. Still tuck at EB code.

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              I looked up ( EB ) inpost codes it says looking for video Bios, you may want to try a different graphics card or make sure yours is properly seated, and that the 4 pin molnex plug near the vid card has good connection, it supplies power to the card. Edit It says , Calling Video BIOS.

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                nope, I;ve tried both graphic card (the one that I used for my computer that requires PCI power, and my friends graphic card that didnot require any external power.) and still getting those EB POST error code. To check either the problem lies in the graphic card, I took his graphic card and replace mine with his and work without glitch. Any ideas?

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                  Here you go


                  I am sure you are using integrated graphics having processor on this board like i3 or i5 6 series .... if you using the same you need to recover the bios to latest version to get display on radieon cards.. One more thing to recover the bios you need to insert i5 7 series processor or i7 8 series processor .  if you are using i5 7 series or i7 8 series you will get display on the board then recover the bios to latest version. after updating the same insert the old processor...

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                    Yes, I'm using i5 7series. So, what should I do? Download bios and install it again?

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                      It appears that this motherboard doesn't detect this graphic card. I used some generic graphic card and my PC can boot and display on monitors.

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                        To resolve the issue, by installing the generic graphics card recover the BIOS with latest version.

                        Once the BIOS is recoverd install Radeon graphics card back.

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                          but still, even by using latest bios, motherboard didn't detect ATi Radeon HD 5XXX series.

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                            Are you trying BIOS recovery or BIOS update, If you rae doing express BIOS upadte it wont work out.

                            If you are doing BIOS recovery cross check the version from BIOS, whether it is 5531 or not.


                            And also check  whether you are getting same error code on the onboard post code LED, when doing recovery,

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                              I've been using BIOS recovery after all from the start. I'm using the 5531 version of BIOS... Is it okay? Before doing the Bios Recovery, this board is giving 4F error, and after doing Bios Recovery, it gives EB error when I'm installing this ATI Radeon graphics card.

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                                In your BIOS settings do you have it set PCI-eX16 ? or auto detect ??

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                                  I tried auto and PCI-eX16, but neither works. At last I'm swapping those aTi Radeon card with nVidia graphic card and that currently solve the main PC for now.

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                                    Hi there,


                                    I had a similar problem with a newly purchased DP55WG motherboard and an ATI HD 5770 video card. My solution was to replace it with a GeForce which worked. BUT, I didn't try a thing: connecting a SATA power cable onto the motherboard in the plug right under the last PCI slot. Intel documentation says that extra power is needed for video cards consuming more that 75W (if i recall correctly). The ATI i had should be drawing more that 150W and it had only one 6pin conector for external power supply. The GeForce I got needs almost the same power but it comes with 2 power connectors. So this may be the problem. Since I don't have the ATI card no more I can't check myself. Maybe someone who has a similar problem tries this scenario.

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