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    Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Server Adapter - Device stops rcv'ing packets on one port (100mbs) when connected with Catalyst 2950 switch (IOS 12.1(9) EA1)




      I am looking for some help on a tricky problem that is only occurring occasionally. I am getting random receiver hangs on PRO 1000 GE ports configured in 100Mbs / Full Duplex mode under Windows 2003 Server. Link stays up to the switch but device stops receiving packets at the server. It comes back to life after 30 or 40 minutes if we wait it out. Not sure if it would always start working again but on several occasions it has.


      Ports hang a couple times a day, more on some machines than others. I have 6 servers running in this solution. Two machines hang more often than the others. We have moved from the motherboard NICs to the Pro1000 NIC but that is also showing the problem and at about the same rate.


      The symptom is that the devices configured in 100Mbs / full duplex stop receiving packets. If I disable and enable the device under the Windows 2003 Server Control Panel / Network Connection Tool the device starts working again.


      We have been running the ProSet Drivers (Wx64 DRV - shp    200,800 10-17-2008 e1q51x64.sys) on other platforms without this issue. I know the drivers are older but I would like to solve the issue before I just start swapping out SW and/or HW.


      Traffic on the 100mbs link is very light. It is the control / management connection to the system.


      I have a high performance Supermicro Seaburg server platform that has four Intel devices. Two 82576EB on a Pro1000 PCI-E card and two 82575EB devices on the motherboard. Three devices are configured for 100mbs/full duplex and one (PCI-E Card) is 1Gbe.


      The 1Gbe port is running 300-600mbs rcv under constant load w/ a light xmit load.


      We have written a watchdog script to ping and reset the device when it stops for now.


      Does anyone know what is causing the 100Mbs device to stop receiving packets?


      I suspect it has something to do with the interrupt rcv ring processing or due to the high traffic on the 1Gbe link.


      Thanks in advance,




      Configuration details:


           Switch - Catalyst 2950 switch (IOS 12.1(9) EA1)

                      SUPERMICRO X7DWU Motherboard, BIOShoenix Technologies LTD  1.2 11/04/2008  BMC:60        OS: Windows 2003 64b

                      Four NICs - 2 on Motherboard 82575EB and 2 82576EB on dual port Pro1000

                      Onboard = Intel 82575EB Gigabit Card

                      Dualport Card = Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Server Adapter

                      Main driver is the E1Q51X64.sys, version

      Device Settings

      Gigabit Master Slave Mode = Auto Detect

      Jumbo Packet = Disabled

      Locally Administered Address = (blank)

      Log Link State Event = Enabled

      Performance Options:

            Adaptive Interframe Spacing = Disabled

            Flow Control = Rx and Tx Enabled

            Interrupt Moderation Rate = Adaptive

            Low Latency Interrupts = Nothing configured

            Receive Buffers = 256

            Trasmit Buffers = 512

      Priority and VLAN = Priority and VLAN Enabled

      Receive Side Scaling = Enabled

      Receive Side Scaling Queues = 1 Queue

      TCP/IP Offloading Options:

            IPv4 Checksum Offload = Checked/Enabled

            TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4) = Checked/Enabled

            UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4) = Checked/Enabled

            Offload TCP Segmentation = Checked/Enabled

      Wait for Link = Auto Detect

      C:\Temp>filever /v \winnt\system32\drivers\e1q51x64.sys

      --a-- Wx64 DRV  - shp    200,800 10-17-2008 e1q51x64.sys

              Language                0x0000 (Language Neutral)

              CharSet                0x04b0 Unicode

              OleSelfRegister        Disabled

              CompanyName            Intel Corporation

              FileDescription        Intel(R) Gigabit Adapter NDIS 5.x driver

              InternalName            e1q51x64.sys

              OriginalFilename        e1q51x64.sys

              ProductName            Intel(R) Gigabit Adapter


              FileVersion   built by: WinDDK

              LegalCopyright          Copyright(C) 2008, Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.