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    Can I replace T2330 with T7200?


      Hi, I have a t2330 (1.6Ghz) processor in my Asus X51RL laptop, but i want to replace it with t7200 (2.0Ghz). Can I replace? I asked this question to Asus Customer Service many times, but they didn't give me a clear answer. They said, maybe there is a cooling problem or your warranty void etc. They didn't say me, can i replace. I compared this two processors and there is one difference: system bus speed, 533Mhz & 667Mhz. My ram's bus speed is 667Mhz, so i think my motherboard support this frequency. I am waiting your reply. Thanks...

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          Unfortunately only the laptop manufacturer can answer that question, since the laptop manufacturer is the one that determines which processors are supported by their laptops.

          Also keep in mind that the fact that 2 processors have the same socket time does not make them compatible with a particular motherboard, that is the reason that most motherboards and laptop manufacturers have a list of compatible processors for each laptop.

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            Hi, my laptop manufacturer couldn't answer my question and I took my own risk and bought T3400 processor 2.16 Ghz. So it works on my laptop. If anybody wants to replace t2330 cpu (asus x51rl) with t3400, they can upgrade; but maybe require bios upgrade first, I made..