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    Electrical clicking-like noise on DX58SO with QPI power management DISABLE, pls help!


      Mine is now almost a year of use and Ive been living with that noise for that whole time

      I've done some efforts like swapping my hard drives, case fans, power supply, all with the new ones,

      but that annoying chirping noise is always there, especially when the blue led on the corner of the board, near pci-e x1 blinks, and

      my board's AA vesion is 503, I think the overall performance of the board is normal unless you are using a Vapor-X Ati HD5870 you'll find some graphics error(even though you rmad your card to death). Take note that the qpi power management of my board is never enabled from the very first time of use, it's already disabled by default and I don't know what it is all about plus I've never tried to overclock anything, Anybody got idea how to put an end to the noise? Please give me some light of hope, we fellows of Intel have to help each other to make our beloved Intel board worthier