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    Unable to install current bios on DP35DP


      I have attempted to install current bios (DPP3510J.86A.0572.EB.EXE) on a DP35DP mob which is using a Q6600 processor & Win7 Pro (64-bit).  The executable was installed on the destop as advised in the video.  All currently loaded non system applications were closed prior to execution.  Bios update ran for approx. 30-40 seconds, system did a shut-down, BUT DID NOT RESTART .  After waiting several minutes attempted to recycle the machine manually, but it would not even start the bios routine.  Shutdown and removed the bios jumper and attempted the bios recovery using the bios revovery file DP0572P.BIO.  Bios recovery was sucessful, but when I pressed F2 and access the bios, I noticed that I was back to the previous level, even after I replaced the bios jumper.  After looking at other posts with similar conditions, it was my understanding the the bios recovery would install the update.



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          Try to clear the CMOS removing the CMOS battery and all power cables from the power supply to the motherboard, leaving the system without power for 20 minutes at least, then move the BIOS jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3 (maintenance mode) and power up the motherboard. If the system boots, load defaults with f9, save changes with f10, then shut down and move the BIOS jumper again to pins 1 and 2. Power up the motherboard normally

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            After following the instructions given through the chat for ticket # 8000066102 and the associated reply here, was able to install the BIOS update.  It seems that the Internet Security Suite 2010 from CA (Computer Associates) was not allowing the update to occur until explicit permission was given within the application to allow the program to execute.

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              HI diego I see you on alot , I always advise people to do BIOS updates OFF Line with all security software disabled Good Practice Right ???

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                Hi Robert,


                Being honest with you I have not heard of any similar issue updating the BIOS and having problems with a security software like Internet Security Suite 2010.


                However, taking under consideration that you would be doing the BIOS update through the operating system and this software may block the BIOS installation wizard or one it its process, thinking that it could be part of a virus or a malicious thread; disabling such security software before and during the update would be a wise idea


                Keep in mind that even tough the express BIOS update is the most used (since it is simple and does not involve opening that chassis and removing the jumper), this method is susceptible to third party software implications of affections like the one you mentioned, or the operating system blocking it too. So the BIOS recovery (even if it is a tricky method) is more stable in order to update the BIOS.