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    Safe CPU operating temps for I7-720QM and I7-820QM???


      Does anyone know the safe operating temperatures for the I7-720QM and  I7-820QM processor?  I can't find anything but the TJunction.  What about a safe operating temperature range with a safe max spike (temporary) temp at high CPU utilization.


      I use CoreTemp to monitor the temp of all four cores...


      The Dell Studio and Studio XPS lines with the I7 processors run hot.  My original Studio 1558 idled at 50+ degrees C.  They replaced it with a Studio XPS 16 which is idling at 50 degrees C.  After running an app or two, idle temp can settle in at 58-62 degrees C.  Even after having the machine on for about 10 minutes, it spikes and maintains at about 60 degrees C.  Note: I'm using a Belkin single fan laptop cooling pad to maintain these temps.  With my 9 cell battery (creates a bump on the bottom of the machine) which allows for about a 3/4" gap for airflow.



      Anyone know the safe operating temp range for the mobile I7?  Expected idle processor temp?

      I need to know if this machine is safe to keep of if I should return it and downgrade to an I5. 

      Dell knows of the problem but won't admit to it...




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          The tjunction in this case is 100 degrees Celsius, in both processors.

          100 degrees Celsius is the maximum recommended temeprature for these processors, so if your processors are running at around 60 degrees Celsius, it means that it is running under specifications, so there is no issue at all.

          As long as the processor runs below 100 degrees Celsius everything will be fine.

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            I had a similar concern. My Intel i7-720QM in my Toshiba laptop is running between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius depending on the programs/games I am running.


            The computer has actually randomly shut down at times. No blue screen. Not reboot. Just completely turned off on its own. I suspect this is due to overheating, yet my CPU has never exceeded 89 degrees Celsius.


            Is it possible that the computer will shut down when temperature gets CLOSE to the 100 TJ Max?


            NOTE: I have had the CPU fan cleaned, the BIOS updated, and Windows 7 updated.

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              ^ In that case, there is probably a safety function pre-programmed into your BIOS to shut down the computer when it exceeds a set temperature. This is a common option in BIOS, I usually set mine to shut-down when the temperature exceeds 85C for more than 15mins. It's a good policy to use as a precaution and to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Heat is a major major killer.