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    Intel DG41RQ - Computer works slow with USB Devices connected!!


      Good day, I have a problem and I'd like to know what can I do to solve it, I purchased an Intel Motherboard DG41RQ to work with the following specs:


      Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66 Ghz

      Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX 512 MB PCI -EX

      RAM Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR2

      Hard Drive: Maxtor 500 GB SATA

                       WD Caviar Blue 500 GB SATA

      Power Source: OCZ 700 W


      I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits and Ubuntu 10.04 64 bits installed on the WD hard drive, and the other one for storage, it was working fine, until a couple of months ago, because everytime that I turn on the computer the BIOS takes a while until it goes to the grub menu, to select which OS to use, sometimes if I select Windows it doesnt even start, its gets stucked with a black screen after windows logo appear, and when I select Ubuntu, it does load it, but it works really slow, same as Windows, when Im able to make it work, WEIRD THING IS, that if I disconnect all USB devices (I currently use scanner, printer, a hub that contains a webcam, an external dvd burner, and also a regular usb memory 4 GB) works fine, like the first time I mounted everything, I already tried each device, and all of them are working fine, I formattedthe hard drive, and installed the OS' on the second one (Maxtor) and the problem is the same, upgraded BIOS version to the latest one, but the computers works the same, any idea? could it be that the USB ports on the motherboard are broken? I sent the motherboard to the tech service for the guarantee, they have it now, and I called them and they say its working fines, I went there, saw it myself, and seems like working, so, I don't know what to do, obviously they are not doing any test with my usb devices or my ram, video card, I just hope you can help me, thanks in advanced, sorry for the long story! its just i'm desperated