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    D975XBX2- desktop board  DVD sound is terrible ??


      I really need help trying to get my DVD sound working again . The system has Intel Audio Studio on th mb that has lots features and great sound for an on board type . But then I was updating drivers at the advice of a pc "tuneup" prog that noticed the sigmatel drivers were outdated and thats where everything went wrong. I updated these and they turned into "IDT" drivers [?????] and i had no sound. This was a few months back and at the time tried to fix it using some method I found online to reverse the mess and it sort of worked except dvd sound is choppy and up and down in volume . I did reload the oem disc that had the original drivers again and i gave up - read that INTEL had just dropped the support of this nice $400 board that i bought because of the sound!!

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          Uninstall the audio drivers completely using device manager, then delete the corresponding %windir%\inf\oemX.inf file, to make sure your system will never try to reinstall it. You will have to look inside the inf file itself to make sure it is the right one. Then download and install the latest official driver from the Intel page for your board. Don't try to get drivers from anywhere else. If you still have problems, make sure no other application is using excessive system resources to lag your system. Also, use VLC to play DVDs if you aren't already.