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    Should the BIOS be updated because of increased memory install?


      I have a 5 year old Gateway Media Center desktop, running XP Pro. The machine came with 512K of RAM. I decided to increase the RAM by one gig. The existing RAM connsists of two 256K chips, filling two fo the four slots. When I installed the two new chips (512K each), the computer wouldn't boot. I contacted Crucial Memory...their tech said ithe machine may need a BIOS update. He suggested I remove the existing RAM and install the two new chips. If the machine boots, there would be a compatability issue between the RAM chips. That's on tap for tomorrow.


      Meanwhile, I contacted Gateway. They said there is no BIOS update available. The BIOS is Intel AG91510J.15A.0816.2005.0214. So I came here to see if Intel might have one (though I seriously doubt they would have one and not tell Gateway about it). In any event, in searching Google, I got a lot of red flags and 'look hard before you leap' go real slow in doing a flash BIOS update' warnings,. Most of the warnings (even from the Phoenx website) said don't screw with the BIOS unless there is a real hardware problem. One little mistake and the computer becomes a door stop.


      The thing is, I don't want to force a BIOS upgrade. But I DO want my new memory chips to work. If there is no upgrade available, I guess the messaqge should be l oud and clear...don't do it. Which leaves a compatibility issue between the two sets of RAM chips.


      Any thoughts on this? Appreciate.



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          From what you have given all i can din out that the board is an Intel (Augsburg) 915G. There are a lot of D915G intel motherboards, whether they all have the same BIOS or if any would be compatible with your board  i could not tell you, maybe someone else will be able to. without knowing for sure you cannot risk it. Also i doubt very much a BIOS update will help. The amount of memory that can be used is a chipset limitation, a BIOS update would only assist in how much memory would be addressable by the OS. If i remeber correctly the 915g chipset supports 4 Gb of RAM, so no i doubt very much a BIOS update will help. Much more likely it is aeitehr a faulty module or incompatibility

          Have you tested just thenew models yet?

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