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    How do I install Windows 7 on DX58SO without a floppy for the raid drivers


      I have purchased a couple of Intel SSDs for my new DX58SO build. I already have every thing running perfectly using "normal" hard drives but I decided I want to do a fresh install onto one of the SSDs but in order to do this I'm told that I need to do the F6 driver install for the RAID/AHCI drivers. Since the DX58SO has nothing but SATA ports how am I supposed to do this...is there a magic workaround that does not require the drivers on a floppy or is Windows 7 smart enough to load them for me if I have AHCI enabled in the BIOS?


      Or, more likely, am I misunderstanding the requirement to load drivers using F6 during the install?


      I'd appreciate any help.