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    DG43NB Audio stops working after sometime


      I have DG43NB board and realtek HD audio manager installed on Windows 7 x64.


      My problem is that audio stops working after every 1-2 hours. The auto test button on the audio manager also stops working. If I restart the computer everything works fine again but for 1-2 hours only.


      If I try to play music in windows media player it says sound device not working or missing and if i play video it plays without the audio.


      I have latest drivers (alreadry tried to reinstall but no effect). I also reinstalled windows but the problems still exists.

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          Same problem me too See in DP45SG Mother board.


          DP45SG Motherboard Has some Audio Problems. It has a Hardware conflict with Front Headphones and Back panel head phone Slot.


          Even if it works for Low Volumes, the board does not support Audio after 1 hour of ooperation even for low volume too.


          It also does not Directly support The PS2 to USB Converter when the Board Starts.


          When It is Given to Intel For warranty Support a new board was replaced, but still same problem remain, Is there any Solutions to Solve This problem?


          Thank You.