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    DP45SG random reboot


      I have built four new systems with DP45SG desktop board. They all randonmly reboot. Updating BIOS and all drivers has not helped. Has anyone experienced such problem. Any suggestions?

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          Whats the AA of teh motherboards and what CPUS?

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            What ram are you using this board is very picky as to what ram it will use , DDR3-1333- 10600. Nothing else works right , if ti says 10666, it won't work. Ha Capt. BigBob Back in town.

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              The AA number is AA E27733-403. I used two Q9650 3.00 GHz Processor BX80569Q9650. It has two eVGA Gforce  512-P3-N890-AR Graphic Card. I used KVR1333D3N9/2G for the memory. Your help is much appreciated

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                The Ram should be OK I looked up the Specs, I have two Questions Did you plug yp the 4 pin plug near the top graphics card, 4 pin Molnex, Next ques, what kind of power supply are using .??, Also these boards are notoris for having bad connections in the Ram slots , The only way to test is by putting one know good stick in each slot one at a time if the rebot stops you found the problem.

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                  Yes did connect the 4 pin power connector to each one of the graphic cards. At the time of the built, I used an Antec case with 500 watt power supply and later my cutomer upgraded it to an 800 Watt.

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                    Check following steps.


                    Connect only two mem sticks on blue slots and check..

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                      I am not talking about the plugs on the graphics cards themselfs . I talking about the 4 pin plug on the mother board next to the graphics card ( top one )

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                        yes, that 4 pin connector on the motherboard is connected. I am going to let it run with 2 memory sticks only and if it does not help, I am planning to change the motherboard with a DX58SO. I am not sure if people have used this motherboard, and what is the experience. This is a very expensive remedy, but I am not sure if there are more economical approaches. I need two PCI express 16's on the MBS. And DX58SO is the only other one which has the interface.

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                          I am checking now with two sticks in blue slots and see if it helps

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                            Before you go to the DX58SO , you know the only thing you will be able to reuse off you old board is your RAM , I had a lot of problems with the DP45SG , But it was graphics limitations, So I built a New sys using a (DX48BT2 ) A great Board still 775 format, wasn't ready to go Icore 7 yet had too much 775 stuff around , SO what I ended up with is a ( DX48BT2, QX9650, clocked to 3.8, 8 gigs DDR3-1333,Dual HD4770 GPU cards Seasonic 850 gold, Intel 160gig SSD for OS WD carvier black 750 gig for back up , This thing gets MID to HIGH 7s on windows performance score, Rock solid and stable. It's My personal opinion that the DX48BT2 is the best 775 Board that Intel ever built.

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                              This seems to be much better way to go. What is a bit surprising to me is that this board is not listed in Intel Desktop boards, and none of Intel Authorized Distributors (Tech Data, Ingram Micro & ASI) sell the product. Is this a phased out product. Do you know who sells the board

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                                Ya It's a great board but discontinued. You can find Refurbed ones on Ebay just be careful don't buy from anyone thats says NO RETURNS , Good refurbs are going for about $ 150.00 to $225.00 with a NO DOA warranty. And returns excepted , If I get a chance to when I get Back form the DOCs I'll Look tonight and if I see anything I'll let you KNOW.  BigBob

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                                  I also found on the web that this board can take one nVidia card only. If I need two graphic cards, I have to swith to ATI. Any comments on this?

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                                    DP45SG will work with two Nvidia Card, however you will not be able to enable SLI cross fire technology by using the same.

                                    DP45SG will support only ATI cross fire technolgy which is supported by ATI card.

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