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    What does post code 66 mean?


      My server build is using a DP55KG on Ubuntu 10.04LTS. I have a motherboard LED code of "66." I cannot find it in the tech specs manual under post codes. Any thoughts?

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          I conrfirm it's not noted on the Technical Product Specification; however, and just for us to better understand the situation, at what point do you get to see this code and what's the complete POST code message?  Does the system hang on this code?  How's your system integrated (what devices are connected to it)?



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            The code "66" is on the motherboard LED after booting. The BIOS displays a message on the monitor approximately 50% of the time at bootup that states, "The BIOS has had unsuccessful POST attempts. Press Y to enter the BIOS, press N to ignore the [...] and reboot the system." I have entered the BIOS and checked the configuration, however I have not changed anything on the BIOS except for enabling the skull LED effects. Other times, I press "N" and the system reboots without issue. Either way, the LED on the motherboard still says "66." It does not seem to affect performance to my knowledge.


            Attached to the system I have a 1TB eSATA external drive, and (2) WD Caviar Black 500GB drives in RAID1, and a 250GB drive mounted at boot for storage.


            Thanks for your reply Salem_Intel.



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              If the "unsuccessful POST attempts..." error randomly shows up, I'd like to know how your system's set up:


              • Board Altered Assembly Number (AA#):
              • BIOS Version:
              • Power Supply [please, include the brand, model and wattage]:
              • Processor [please, include the core speed, FSB (Front Side Bus) and cache]:
              • Memory module(s) [please, include the brand, size, frequency and part number of the memory module(s)]:
              • Add-in card(s) (please, include the brand and model):



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                  Post code 66 indicate the boot device selection (BDS)..

                  Its not an error its just giving a feed back that the system is trying to locate the bootable device..


                  I suggest below steps..

                  When you are getting error unsucessfull post attempt press Y and go to BIOS, From BIOS load the default BIOS settings by pressing F9, the save the setting by pressing F10. Then restart and check...

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                    test booting without the 1TB eSATA external drive

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                      I tried what you explained in your post and my DP55KG LGA1156 doesn't do anything can you be a little more specific in the procedure you suggest. I will appreciated.


                      I need to get this 66 code fix, this computer is for work.