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    Need help with i3 cooling


      Have suspicion that my cooling fan is underperforming.  It is the fan included from intel that I installed on a gigabyte s-series motherboard (GA-H55M-S2H).  Intermittently the system will freeze requiring rebooting.  OS is Ubuntu 9.10, if that matters.  Am a noephyte, so need to go slow with me. I am in that little room off to the sideLM15RK where they keep the "special" wannabe geeks.

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          The fact that the system keeps freezing or locking up may be related to a different factors such as the memory, desktop board or even the power supply. If you want to check if your processor fan is working properly I recommend to check the processor temperature. In case the you processor is overheating I recommend to check the following URL for some troubleshooting steps:




          In the case that the problem continues I recommend to test different components on the desktop board ( memory, power supply , etc) In order to try to narrow down what may be causing the problem.