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    GMA 950, game help


      Hey, Was trying to play command and conquer 3 on my laptop.  It installs, game opens up fine, then about 5-10 minutes into game play, it crashes.  I went to system requirements lab's "can you run it" webpage, and everything checks out except for the video card.  the video card was divided into 4 sub-categories and the only thing that didn't pass was the "vertex shader"  it said i needed version 1.1 or better and says my pc has 0.


      Just wondering if this can be fixed by an updated driver, or video settings in the game itself?  Or am i screwed without a better videocard? or in this case a whole knew computer since the my pc uses an integrated video card?


      On the intel website it says the latest driver version is 14.xxx  and my computer has driver version 6.xxx


      would appreciate any help, thanks