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    Windows 7 64-bit won't recognize raid-5 array in dual-boot


      Hi. I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, dual-booted, on my existing windows xp system. The mb uses the ich9 chipset. On xp I have a large raid-5 array installed, using the intel matrix manager. I disconnected the raid-5 array when I was installing the windows 7 ultimate os to avoid any possibility of corruption.


      Now I want to use the array with the windows 7 os. However, whenever I attempt to install the 64-bit matrix manager driver I get a "don't meet the minimum requirements" message (paraphrasing) if I try to install the driver after booting to windows 7 but before connecting the raid array. If I connect the raid array first,windows 7 will not boot and I'm directed to the windows 7 recovery utility.


      Catch-22 :-(


      I do not want to reinstall the windows 7 os (a lot of work to get it to where it is now). How do I get the matrix manager software to install without the raid array being installed?


      Could really use some help here...