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    Core 2 Quad 6600


      I have a 3 year-old C2 Duo E6600 on an Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard. I have been given a Quad 6600 CPU and am planning to upgrade the computer from dual-core to quad. I will be adding extra RAM of the same type that the computer already has.The quad CPU has no heatsink or fan.


      The current Duo E6600 has a D60188-001 HSF. Can I reuse this for the quad CPU? In this Intel document:




      page 44 appears to state that this HSF is also compatible with the quad 6600 CPU.


      (I have not been able to find anywhere a reference to which HSF this Q6600 must have had when new and would also like to know this. If the D60188-001 breaks when dismounted for the upgrade I will need to buy another.)