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    Intel 80GB G2 - X25M writting speed decrease, how to fix ?


      Hi guys

      To make it short :


      I  filled up my SDD 68/75GB, and I notice my SSD writing has decreased ~  50% in CrystalDiskMark's 512k, 4k, 4kQD32 testes, however the reading speed is remain as  original.
      The last time I had this problem, I use Intel tool box to "refresh" the SSD  and the writing speed came back, but Im having this problem again and  the Intel tool box seem to be does not work this time. So, what's wrong ? How do I fix this ?


      Im using Windows 7 - 64 bit ultimate - Intel Q6600 - Mainboard : GA-965P-DS3 rev 1.0 , all drivers are up-to-date including windows updates.