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    DX58SO Boot Problem


      System Configuration:

      Intel Desktop Board DX58SO Extreme Series - Motherboard - ATX  - iX58 - LGA1366 Socket

      Processor - 1 x Intel Core i7 920 / 2.66 GHz - LGA1366 Socket - L3 8  MB - Box

      Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Dominator 6 GB 3 x 2 GB PC3-12800 1600MHz  240-Pin DDR3 Core i7 Memory Kit

      ASUS Geforce GTX480 PCI-E 2.0 1536 MB DDR5 Graphics Card  ENGTX480/2DI/1536MD5

      Case: TT V9.

      Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750-Watt TX Series 80 Plus Certified Power Supply  compatible with Intel Core i7 and Core i5


      Problem: I just bought this equipment, i assembly the parts according to the specs in the motherboard, processor and case manual.

      The first time i turned on the computer, i saw the bios, enter it, start modifying the boot order, and suddenly (i didn´t save) all went black.

      One of the leds of the motherboard (the red one, near the processor, related to processor overheat) start blinking.

      I try to turn on the computer again, but it doesn´t boot at all. No bios access, no message, no display, nothing. Only the fans of the case, and the fan of the processor respond.


      I contacted support, they told me to reinstall the processor (i even bought some new thermal paste) and reset the CMOS, once i tested it again nothing happened. I still get the warning from the motherboard led.


      Steps i followed:

      -Disconnected the computer from the power source.

      -Removed the battery for 2 hours.

      -Removed the processor.

      -Cleaned the old thermal paste and applyied the new one.

      -Reinstalled the processor.

      -Reinstalled the heatsink (tested that the 4 legs made clic)

      -Conected the heatsink.


      Restarted... waited.... and nothing.


      If someone has any idea of how can i find out what is wrong, or if i can get some technician to check my computer (i live in Costa Rica, i hope they have some tech support here) i would really appreciatte it.

      I have always trusted intel for their quality products, i hope tech support is just as good.