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    Intel Pro/Set Wireless 2200 bg intermittent connection problem


      Hi everyone, just recently I have been having encountering problems connecting thru my wifi, my unit is Thinkpad T42, with Intel Pro/Set Wireless 2200bg running on Win XP, for some reason theunit cannot detect said wireless adapter, but sometimes it does.  If it does connect, usually it will do so only after I leave it off for several hours, however If turn it off and comeback to set it on again after lets say a few minutes. It cannot detect my adapter as verified  when, firstly wireless indicator would not lit upon windows log on, which it does before, secondly when I check on device manager and it shows just 1 adapter Intel Pro 1000MT for Wired LAN, instead of 2 which is evidently missing.  I've tried upgrading latest driver and uninstalling and rolling back to original firmware without much effect.  Curiously this does not happen when I do a RESTART, and seems only limited when I shut unit Down. Im Just now exasperated, can anyone pls explain or help me rectify this problem.  Thanks so much

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          you may want to check this out for intermittent wireless connection problem


          what driver version and which software do you use for managing your wireless connection?

          you can also try reinstalling driver and software for your thinkpad T42, check this out


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            Hi Ichun, thanks for taking time in answering my inquiry. I will try to install Prowireless utiliy as suggested thru the link you've provided, perphaps it may have involve PSP as mentioned in the link.  As mentioned I've already tried other suggestions like uninstalling and reinstalling latest driver from Lenovo Thinkpad without much effect. My connection still remained intermittent, I have been using the unit for quite a while and this is the first time Im having this problem with my wifi.  However, prior to this predicament I also recently installed a USB bluetooth device, since my unit did come with a bluetooth, could this be a possible source of problem with my unit? I have read from the link that Bluetooth Device can get affected if I employ PSP work-around.  But since I have yet to download utility and use it, could it also mean that Bluetooth device or its Software does cause an inherent  problem with the operation of my wifi  irregardless? Ironically I have not been attaching Bluetooth device recently or  it has something to do  with the WIDCOMM BT driver?  I just uninstall my Bluetooth and will make an observation whether this resolve my problem if not I will proceed on trying workaround suggested. Will keep you posted on dev;t. thanks and Best regard.

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              Hi BCO, glad to help. bluetooth should not affect the wireless connection becoz most notebooks have bluetooth and wifi together. hope you get your wifi connection back to normal. if all else fails, you need to bring your laptop to service center, your wifi card might be failing.

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                Hi Ichun, thanks for your help. Finally I was able to resolve the problem.  The problem lies with the Driver after all, since what I thought was the latest driver actually was not.  After carefully mapping everything about the driver and finding out about its prerequisite to make sure I did not miss on anthying  I have successfully installed latest driver. I seemed to have rush on things initially, when I did the update without carefully reading the install wizard last prompt, which says something to this effect "this does not finish final installation" since at that point I have yet to run setup.exe which is suppose finalize installation process.  After that there was no longer any problem with the connection as it stayed solid after turning on and off the unit a few times. There is just this nip of a problem though, since after finishing up installation I can't seem to be able to use Thinkvantage Access Connection a software  I used before, as it not responding or even reading wireless network available to be able to do create a profile list. Instead I just used Windows Network WiFi settings to connect.  An error report also appeared after installation of latest driver which says " Intel Wireless Management Service has encountered a problem and needs to close" which also seemed to appear upon start up. Any ideas why this happened? But overall Im happy to be able to restore connection wifi connection. If there is any lesson learned here it is to make sure your able to install driver correctly by running SETUP.EXE upon unpacking of Downloaded Drive File and read carefully last instructions. Again thanks!

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                  i think thinkvantage should also be updated.

                  glad to be of help!!

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