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    DG41TY display / screensaver problem


      I'm on my second DG41TY board (the first was RMA'd with the same problem as I am getting now on the second).  What seems to happen is that when the screen goes into screensaver mode, or the monitor switches itself off, it can't be resumed by tapping a key or touching the mouse.  The system is not hung, because I can connect to the PC with the blank screen using VNC, and it's all fine, but the monitor stays off.  If I use VNC to select shutdown from the start menu on the remote computer, the display there comes back on when the blue screen which says "Windows XP is shutting down" is displayed.  For now I've disabled power saving and the screensaver, but this is not ideal.  Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know how one can get around it?  TIA.

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          It seems this is not a screensaver issue because the monitor switches off even if I disable the screensaver and set the display power properties to never switch off.  It's very weird.  It's definitely not a temperature issue because according to SpeedFan, all the temperatures stay below 40.


          I've now figures that when the display is off, I can usually wake it up by a combination of moving the mouse, switching the monitor off and back on and pressing keys like ctrl-alt-F12.


          Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing the monitor/display to switch off and how I can stop it?