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    DG33FB CMOS Checksum Error and Won't Recogize RAM over 1G


      My sytem has been working perfectly for at least the previous six months.  Yesterday I innocently rebooted (Win 7 64) and then the problems begin.  First of all at startup I got no signal to my monitor and three beeps.  I looked up the three beeps and realized it was a memory problem.  (4 1G sticks).  I changed out my memory and changed slots, etc.  Eventually I determine that only the first memory slot would work, but at least the system would boot up now.  Limping along with only the 1 G RAM I decided to upgrade the BiOS to the most recent version.  I tried doing it in Windows and also by using the ISO CD.  Both seemed to work but upon reboot I got the message" the firmware has detected that a CMOS checksum error occurred" and the original BIOS version remained.  Again, Windows 7 started normally; however with only the 1 G of RAM and the older BIOS.


      Right now I'd be happy to get the board to recognize all four of my 1 G memory sticks.  I don't need to update the BIOS and I was only doing that to try to get the machine to recognize the additional memory.


      Note: Upon the original reboot from a perfectly good machine to a troubled machine I had installed no software, there were no interruptions in power and no other abnormal environmental factors.


      Can anybody suggest a plan of action that I might take to correct this problem and get my memory recognized again.


      Thank you in advance,