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    G45/G43 graphic driver: can't rotate display


      Hi all,


      I have an Intel G45/G43 graphics, and Windows 7. I want to rotate the display 90 degrees, but it's not working.


      I go to the graphic controller options (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution, Right click on the monitor, Properties, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, Graphics Properties)  and then to Display Settings where there is a menu to "Enable rotation" and select the degrees (0, 90, 180, 270). I click on 90, and then Apply. The screen will flash and go black for one second as if the resolution was changing, but it doesn't rotate and the menu shows 0 degrees again.


      I have two monitors, one of them connected thru HDMI, the other one thru VGA. None of them will rotate. I tried disabling one of them. That won't work either.


      Any ideas?

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          This option sometimes is disabled by system manufacturers as DELL*, HP*, etc. You can try installing our latest driver ( it will only work on non customized chipset's) and going in to the graphics properties Ctrl+Alt+F12, in there the screen rotation option should be enabled, you can try it there.


          To download the latest video driver you can use the following utility:





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            I did try installing the latest driver, but I get this error dialog every time during the installation:


            "An error occurred while registering one or more components.


            Setup will exit."


            The manufacturer of my PC is Gateway.

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              Am having the same issue (also with a Gateway). I believe I have updated both Dell and Intel drivers but to no avail. Were you able to resolve?

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                I have a Sony VAIO laptop with an external Dell monitor that is designed to rotate, so it seems unlikely that the manufacturer shut down this capability. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Nothing works to rotate the screen, not the control alt arrows, not going in to the Intel properties screen and telling it to rotate (which is not grayed out), and the alleged options for orientation that are supposed to be built in to Win7 don't appear in my version, either. I have spent several hours in what should be a fairly easy thing and what everyone else in the world seems to have been able to do just  by accidentally having a cat jump on their keyboard and I am pretty frustrated about this . I am not sure I will buy Intel integrated graphics again at this point. I need the portrait view for the long scrolling options in Scrivener.