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    ICH10R Raid5 Failed but only 1 drive dropped.


      It is my understanding that in a RAID5 setup you can have 1 drive fail and still access the data. Unfortunatly it seems this is not the case when a drive goes MISSING. I have 1 drive marked as MISSING in the matrix manager (ver 9.6).


      6 1-Terabyte drives, in one large array.


      Lost one drive, (Port 0) and now the array is failed, but i can't access it to use the data? Isn't this counter to Raid5 design.  How can i set the Failed Array into a usable mode since its not really failed just missing one drive.

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          The problem that you had is rare, it happens when the failed hard drive corrupts the data on the RAID structure that it is also on all of the hard drives.

          Think it like this, the failed hard drive lost also the structure on it, but the structure on a second hard drive is corrupted so the RAID controller does not know how to rebuild the array and this is why it shows as failed.


          Unfortunately there are no Intel(R) tools to try to recover this data, but as a personal advise, some software's available on the Internet will be able to recover some information, it will be a good idea to try them.



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            Great... at least the only real data loss is the movies i brought online to my network. That can be redone. Everything of a critical nature has its own backup to an external drive cage.