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    WiMax 6250


      What does it mean in the product description about the 6250 using USB power optimization?  I would like to replace my 5100 with the 6250 so I can use my Clear WiMax account without having use a stupid USB dongle from Clear.  Any insight on this would be great.

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          from what it says here, USB power optimization allows you to stay connected longer.

          it helps save the consumption of your laptop's power, especially when you're on battery mode.


          better to check with your notebook tech support guys if your notebook is compatible with 6250 wifi card before you actually purchase the card.

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            I did check with Asus support and they said the 6250 is compatible with my chip set.  I have been reading on the internet where the 6250's wimax function is powered by a USB pin on the PCIe connector, and I was curious if that is what the statement was referring to. I think I will have to add this functionality to my current wifi PCIe port because i believe it is disabled on the M70CVm series laptop.  I'm still waiting on confirmation on that from Asus.

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              I don't see a problem in using 6250 adapter in your platfrom. However, I believe WiMax 5150 adapter is a closer match to your current 5100 adapter and your platfrom.

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                The 5150 may be closer, but you can't find one, or the 5350, anywhere, they have been discontinued by Intel.  If you can tell me a source, that would be great.

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                  If Asus confirmed that 6250 is compatible with your chipset then you should be ok. The newer chipsets like yours have USB enabled on PCIe by default. The only thing you need to verify is that your machine doesn't have any sort of BIOS lock that won't allow you to use any new card that didn’t ship with the machine.

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                    Interesting, about the USB being enabled on PCIe, that's not what I've been reading about the Asus M70Vm, but if it is that would be great.  I wish I knew how to check to make sure that is correct.  As far as the BIOS, I have never seen anything there concerning the wifi or PCIe settings.