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    PCI Support and Chassis:  SC5299-E and SC5650UP


      The Technical Product Specification (TPS) for the chassis, SC5299-E, gives the following description.


           PCI Slots:  7 slots and support for 6 full-length with tail card guide


      The TPS for the chassis, SC5650UP, gives the following description.


           PCI Slots:  Full-length, full height PCI slot 5 and 6, half-length, full-height PCI slot 1-4.


      The 3D mechanical diagrams of the SC5650UP seem to show that it has room for

      full-length PCI cards.  So, why does the TPS specifically point out that slots 1 through 4

      support only half-length cards?


      Also, in the SC5650UP, does slot 5 and 6 have tail card guides but does slots 1 through 4

      lack tail card guides?