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      Just picked up an Intel DG57DD motherboard with an i3 530 cpu (with intergrated graphics), 4 gigs of DDR3 G-skill memory and a PNY GeForce GTS250 graphics card. My issue is trying to get the graphics card to work. Each time I put the GTS250 in, add the additional power to the board and turn it on it starts up, does not recognize the board and then within 30 seconds the system shuts down. I've gone in to the bios and set to "external PCI-e" yet that does absolutely nothing. Swapped out my Antex 2.0 (480 watts) power supply with another Antex power supply and the same thing. Tried the GTS250 card in another computer and it works in that. I even put a FX 1400 card in the Intel-based coomputer and still nothing. Does anyone have an idea as to what is going on. My first concern is that I have a defective board...Thanks

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          This is what I know: The I3-530 has integrated graphics so you do not need the graphic card. If you you need to use the graphic card you need a different cpu (click here).

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            Interesting...here I thought you could disable the intergrated graphics and use an add-on card. If that's the case then I have to purchase a new CPU...

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              In your 1st thread you suspected that your board is defective. Remove your graphics card and see if can get the system working. If you can, then the board is not defective.

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                Uninstalled/Disabled the graphics and yes indeed it worked...I have tried everything. I don't want to use the on-board graphics because this unit is to be used for editing. I have a Decklink card installed and worry that any on-baord graphics could cause issues.

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                  So you might have to refer to the link that I have provided earlier to get the correct processor to use with your graphics card. I7 and some I5 are indicated.

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                    hi there,

                    i think my question fits in here - is it possible to use an i5-650 with integrated hd graphics with an addon pcie graphics card? for example an quadro fx580?

                    best wishes

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                      If you refer to this link (click it) assuming that you have decided to use the DH57DD motherboard you cannot use an external video card with I5-650.  You can use I5-750 or I5-750S for example for your pcie graphics card.

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                        thanks for your fast reply, but i think, that you can always use an external pcie graphics card or?

                        so with cpus without integrated hd, you cannot use onboard and therefore MUST use an external pcie one.

                        but its not vice versa or? otherwise that would mean, that you cannot upgrade a pc with i5-650 later on

                        with an (more powerful) graphics card or? an optional external graphics card should alway be possible or?


                        the link you did post, just complains for which CPU you need to use a external one, not showing that

                        it isnt possible using an external one, if your cpu is already comes with a integrated hd controller...

                        is there are link / whitesheed where this is explained?


                        more details of my config / problem you can read here in my last post:



                        thanks in advance


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                          fixed it! just used a firmware-update on another system, where the fx 580 runs:



                          patched it to the newer version of firmware under a windows pe (hiren). after plugging it back to the dh57 board, i got a video signal! yes!

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                            So you did a "firmware" upgrade on the 5800 and it is working with the dh57dd?

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                              its a dh57jd and a fx580 (FSC branded, but nvidia reference design (everytings technically identical)). the fx580 was stuck (no picture, no signal, system on/off in a neverending reboot) after upgrading to the newest bios release of the mainboard.

                              and yes i flashed the hp fx580 firmware on another intel desktop board, where i still got a picture out of the fx580. after re-inserting the fx580 into the dh57jd-system i got everything perfect working. bootet aroung 15 times.


                              thanks to all.

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                                DH57DD is not the same as DH57JG. If you click this link your DH55JG will work without a pcie video card with the indicated processors.

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                                  This whole matter should be a mute point after I install an i5-750 chip tomorrow. Shame, I either have to build a new system with the i5-530, or sell it.

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                                    The problem has just gotten worst! Received my new i5-750 chip...put it in the board, added the GTS-250 card, started it and two long beeps, then two more and nothing. Took out the i750 and graphics card and replaced with the i3-530 and it works, no problems. Tried the i5-750 with a PNY FX-1400 and the same thing...two series of two beeps and no video. The system HD looks like its seeking info, but nothing. Took out the i5-750 and replaced it with the i3-530 and now it will not even boot...black screen, no bios post, nothing!

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