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    Configure your hardware for battle - RoboBrawl


      Got a second between buying, configuring, and installing servers?


      Try this: http://www.robobrawl.com/


      I'm told this game is a metaphor for learning how to optimize and configure servers to doing great things.  After playing the game and getting the chance to provide feedback on an earlier version, I believe it.  Here are some key variables;

      1. The more 'Energy Efficient' your robot is, the longer it will last.

      2. The better 'Virtualization' you have, the more adaptable your robot will be to changing conditions.

      3. Higher speed and effectiveness in the arena comes from more 'Performance'.


      My overall opinion... Not too shabby for a free online flash-based game.


      BTW... One hook from this is that the top three leaders can win Intel Xeon-based workstations.


      My bot is "gdubya" and is currently ranked #23.

      Bring it on!


      Post your rank, score, best configuration... if you want my bot to hunt yours down.  :o)