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    Question, are you able to run 2 pci-e 16 cards at full speeds on a dp45sg board?


      So hoping some one here could help me with this as i have tried to research this and come with a bunch of diferent answers as the capabilities of this board being able to run 2 pci-e x16 video cards at full speed. I have checked out some sites and they stated that this board is able to, as also able to run 2 nvidia cards in sli mode as to running ati cards in crossfire.

      It seems from what i have read threw out the other sites and from the tutorials on the intel page this boards only supports ati crossfire, although best buy's website states it supports both nvidia sli and ati crossfire, which i am fine with either of but just need to know if the board is actually able to run them at full speed instead of running both at 8. I have read that the board only runs both cards at 8 instead of the full speed??

      any info on this would be greatly apprciated as it would be nice to upgrade my video card and actually have 2 running in there as to just the one,