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    Q9650 2 core overheat??


      Hello All!


        I have a recent build using a Core2 Quad 9650.  I was noticing problems with throttling and performance.  I've installed several CPU temp programs and they all show me WAY over temp for core 2 and core 3 (3&4)  I've checked my heatsink install, arctic 5 thermal paste.  No problems there.Core temp shows those 2 cores at 100+ C.  Any ideas?  Thanks!!

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          Sorry.  My specs:


          GA-EP45-Ud3L F9 Bios

          8 GB Patriot DDR2 800

          NVidia GTS 250

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            What's your motherboard? This is a big factor to the answer of your question and can be well be answered by the manufacturer of the motherboard.

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              Gigabyte EP45-UD3L.  It is supposed to be compatible with this CPU.  I've updated the BIOS, downgraded the BIOS, Changed every setting I could think of.  I thought PROCHOT throttling was an completely internal process?  Is it possible that it's a misread of the DTS?  are these read by BIOS, WIN7, or internal to the processor?



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                Throttling is internal but can be disabled through bios. I don't know if this is also true to Gigabyte's board. As suggested earlier, your problem can best be answered by the manufacturer of the board or through the manufacturer's forum.

                If you can find a Gigabyte temperature monitoring software, then it should more or less tell you the correct one compared to those obtain from a generic software. See to it that there are no conflict among temperature monitoring software that you have installed in your system.

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                  Thank you.  I am currently seeking advice regarding the motherboard. I'm here at the intel forum looking for some insight regarding the CPU. Is it even possible for only 2 cores to overheat?  Is it possible that the DTS are damaged somehow?

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                    my intel coer Q9650 get over 79 on max load,, is that safe or its to worm? and what i can do to make ,it cool down a, little

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                      The Intel Board , DX48BT2 would be a good choice , the last ver. made was a #207 you can find them on Ebay for about $220 new $150 used , But do not but from anyone that says NO Returns.If you can find a #207 you are very lucky . I have two one 207 and one 206 Both great boards very stable no bugs .