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    Unable to ping cores


      If you find that you are unable to ping the SCC cores from the MCPC, look at bug 28 in http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/bugzilla3/ for a discussion and fix.

      This was a case where the cores responded to a ping to their IP address but not to their DNS name.

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          Could you re-post this? I cannot access this information in bugzilla since it requires higher user permissions than standard-level to view several bugs (including 28).

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            I moved bug 28 to the non-Intel category. There's nothing confidential there and the information may be useful to external users. Basically, it's just

            restarting bind9 ... "/etc/init.d/bind9 restart" as root. We need to look into why we have to sometimes restart bind9, but restarting it does restore the ability to ping.

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              Thank you very much. The thing is that we only have remote access to an  SCC device, and therefore no root permissions on the management console.  Do you happen to know whether it's even possible to get into the sudoer  list for something like that? Or who to ask to restart the service for  us?

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                We are not giving our external users sudoer access. But you do have administrative support. Today we made a Bugzilla product called "Marc Administration Needed." We will treat bugs in that product as job tickets. We are also considering setuid for some adminstrative actions.