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    i5 750: Are these temps too high?




      I'm a newbie so I apologize in advance for the lack of basic knowledge.  I am likewise sure this question has been asked before as there is a great deal of  dicsussion regarding the heat generated by the i5 750 -- much of them disparate and confusing. But I figure this is the best place to ask.


      The core temperatures of my i5 750 are never less than 39°C to 42°C while idlling, and rise to 65°C when loading 3D games.  While gaming, core temperatures hover between 53°C and 58°C.  More recently, I put my system through the 3D Mark06 CPU test and recorded simultaneous readings of 75°C on all four cores for some five to seven seconds, at least.  (I should mention that I live in the tropics, where ambient temperatures drift between 33°C and °36C in the daytime for most of the year.) I do not plan on overclocking my processor, and now have a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 CPU fan installed for cooling.


      While my system has remained stable, and I have observed absolutely no symptoms of CPU stress in the three months since I purchased my i5, I am worried that the abovementioned temperature readings are indicative of a serious flaw in my PC system somewhere  .  Are the abovementioned core temperatures cause for worry?

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          the temps arent exactly cool but considering where you living and all.... i would test the cpu(as in stress all core) for at least 20 minutes and see what the max temp is. Then ppost it back here and we can comment, testing for four seconds dosent really help.

          Also note that if the CPU does get too hot you will notice it throttling first and then if it continues to get too hot it will shut down. it is very hard to damage CPUs nowadays. Also what will you be using it for?

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            @cpt. dogfruit


            Hi there and thanks for answering.


            I'm sorry I was unclear.  I ran the CPU test for about 10 minutes, during which time the temperatures rose briefly to 75°C then just as quickly dropped back to the mid 60s where it stayed for the rest of the time. This is my first quad core and am really in the dark as to what temps are acceptable.


            I'm a technical writer for a government agency and use nothing heavier than MS Office. Three-D games are just about the heaviest applications my PC will ever run.   


            Anyways, will put the system through a stress test and observe what happens. 


            Again, thank you for even bothering to read the post.  I'm sure it's lame as I am utterly new to this stuff.


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