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    Intel Core i7 920 Overheating Warranty support


      I have an Intel Core i7 920 with stock heatsink and TIM and on running video converter software which utilises

      all the 8 threads which is like 100% usage load usage the CPU hits 100C on real temp and also on the ASUS

      motherboard utility PC Probe

      My config is

      Core i7 920 2.66(stock speed not overclocked)

      Asus P6T deluxe

      Corsair 6Gb Dominator 1600MHz

      XFX GTX 275

      Thermaltake Toughpower 650W

      CM HAF 932


      I have tried everything reseating the heatsink and redoing my cable management.



      So could I get a warranty cover for the CPU as it hits 100c on load I think my chip is defective.

      I have never overclocked my chip

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          Thats a ddifficutl one.... after how long of running the software does it get to 100C? is it teh max it gets too? does it start throttling?

          These CPUs can get very hot specially is you run them at full pelt. Also take into account taht there is not a specific max temp for any cpu (the temp on the intle page is a generalization and based on the CPU lasting 10 years or something) as even two identical chips that come out of the factory next to each other can have diff max temps. So at the end of teh dya it is up to you but you might get a worse chip in return... if you are getting 100C  MAX after at least half and hour of 100%cpu usage and teh CPU is not throttling nor causing you problems personally i don't think i would. ALso what CPU fan are you using? the stick one?there are a lot better performes that the stock fan, one of them could help your cause... tehn again if you are planning to use the cpu so much for long periods of time i may even consider water cooling...

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            It hits 100C the second it goes to 100% usage without any delay.

            Can I get it RMA'd

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              I am still facing this problem.I want to RMA it.Can it be RMAed.

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                Good Luck.


                By definition the CPU is not defective, it is functional.  If you argue that the CPU heat sink is defective that is a possibility.


                I tried to RMA the following Intel products directly purchased from Intel under their retail edge program:


                            Intel DG33TL a little over two years old when I first tied to RMA the defective system board for a SATA port and all Fan Headers being bad, result warranty group gave me the runaround for over six months until “Sorry the warranty on this product has expired.”


                            Intel 80 GB G2 SSD with less 100 hours of operation and six months old.   I’m sill trying to get them to supply a tool ether fix the ChanCEConflict or a way to destroy the data without violating the warranty as there is NDA related ACCESSIBLE data on the drive.  Still no go after eight months so far.  This drive was purchased 12/27/09 with a three year warranty.  I’m seriously considering going to the local high school and asking to use the physics departments Vandergrift on it.  Note the drive is readable with data recovery tools but will not write.


                            The heat sink for my I7 940, the CPU would over heat in a few minutes and the Intel Control Center for my DX58SO would shut down the computer to protect the CPU.

                The response from Intel: “You are ether over clocking which voids the warranty or your case doe not have adequate ventilation which voids the warranty”.  Intel seams to refuse to accept that the E29477 (look at your # I bet you have the same one) heat sink is significantly under rated for these CPUs with power users that continuously peak usage.  For the record the system is not over-clocked and removing the PC lid only drops the CPU to 99 Celsius at peak load which prevents the 100 degree shut down from kicking in.  So they are full of sh…

                My solution was to get a heat sink like SilenX EFZ-80HA2.  Mine is a 4 heat pipe and aluminum heat sink pulled from a smashed HP ML 370 G7 but is very similar to in size and shape of the retail heat sink fan EFZ-80HA2 extra benefit with the rear exhaust of my case the HP heat sink doesn’t need a fan = far quieter than the screaming Intel POS..  The temps are between 40 and 70 at peak.


                            I now recommend HP based AMD to all my clients do to the sever quality issues Intel is suffering from including everything from the very expensive SSD to there chipsets including the old I7 10R raid chipset which has yet to provide a usable driver for any OS and Sandy Bridge issues.  The I 7 may be the fastest chip on the market but when nothing else in the system can work right and Intel has locked out any competing chipsets buying their CPUs are not worth it.


                Sickend by the direction Intel is going in.


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                  HAHA your funny and mostly wrong