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    Graphical Corruption caused by the motherboard?


      In the past year, I bought an Intel motherboard and chipset for my fiance.  For awhile, she had no issues with it or any of her other components.  Recently (within the past few months) we've bought several different graphics cards and they all have resulted in the same issue.  While playing graphically demanding games (such as World of Warcraft) her computer will lock up (for 2-3 seconds) and after it's done locking up, the game will resume, but with graphical corruption (her textures will not be in the correct locations).  This does NOT occur in windows, only within the game, the locking also occurs within Allods Online, but without the corruption afterwards (she only plays World of Warcraft and Allods Online).  When I asked Nvidia if the cards were the problem (3 in a row, two 9800 GTs and one 9800 GTX+) they said that it may be the motherboard and to contact the manufacturer.  The powersupply seems to be powerful enough and everything when bought and assembled was supposed to be compatible.  But clearly there is an issue here and I want to correct it in the right way, not just buying all new parts until it's fine again.  Are there any ways we can determine exactly what the issue is caused by?  If so, how?  I'm not super computer saavy, but if told what I need to do, it can get done.


      She lives in Germany, so that's why I am posting this for her.  ANY help is appreciated, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.  So I thought the general support would be my best bet.  If it needs to be moved, so be it.  That being said, I really want to resolve this issue for her once and for all so I'm going to lay out the specifications of her computer and it's parts.


      Motherboard: INTEL DG31PR mATX Socket775 FSB1333 PCI-Express 10/100 NIC 4xSATA

      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Desktop-Processor E7300 Box (2.66 GHz, Sockel 775, 3 MB  L2-Cache)

      RAM: Corsair TwinX 2x1GB CL5 with 5-5-5-18 XMS DDR2-800

      Power Supply: DTK Power Supply Sinan 530W ATX

      Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 9800GT Graphicscard * 1GB * 1024MB TC DDR3

      HDD: WDC WD3200JS-22PDB0


      After reading this (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-012073.htm) I think it may be a power supply issue... but I wouldn't know the first thing about correcting it.  Again, any help is appreciated.  Thanks for reading this.