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        Curious592 wrote:


        It was not clear if you are able to use sleep/hibernate with the card.

        My TV card has built in power up and down capability (its a Compro Technology E900F) so if I use their own software, it'll power the PC up from a fully powered off state 5 mins before scheduled recording times and similarly power it down again (fully) after the recording has completed. There's therefore no reason to need to use sleep or hibernate with this PC. I only wish it fully performed this functionality within Windows 7 Media Center without their own software being required. It'd still be worth liasing with your TV card manufacturer to see if they have newer firmware which may help in this regard.

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          This card is over 2 years old and no sign of an update.  I expect not to move the card, so as not to leave the CPU behind if it works well enough.  Maybe a PVR, DVR or a newer PC tuner for the other system is in the future (no graphics card).  Matching with a Sandy bridge processor later is tough with all of the integration and some with high turbo speeds.  Media Center is convenient but the WinTV7 software isn't bad.  Some claim the two are not compatible.

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            Curious592 wrote:


            This card is over 2 years old and no sign of an update.

            Then there may be updates which aren't public knowledge or on websites etc and asking the manufacturer would be the way to go. Sometimes these things aren't user upgradeable and may require a card swap out. Short of that, if the motherboard and OS work together fully without the card but the problems are only evident when the card is in the motherboard slot with drivers and software loaded, I don't know what else to say other than the problems are caused by, or are related to, that card and the card manufacturer is the place to start. Good luck!

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              Flying Kiwi,

              The sleep state and CPU fan speed issues I experienced have now been attributed to the monitor.  The issue dates back at least one year and has not been observed with a different monitor.  Replacement of a couple capacitors may repair the unit which no longer displays.  I ordered a kit on eBay and have decided not to practice with a VCR after closer inspection of the hybrid power regulator board.  The relevant CPU C state limitations are for mobile and core 2 duo E4000 and E6000.  My E6400 with Vista x64 and 17" CRT boots the fastest of my computers.  The power management of the Compro TV card makes it something of an odd duck and I suspect you would need a newer card to be fully compatible with Win7 or Win8.

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                Someone has told you a faulty monitor is responsible for your CPU fan not turning If you've tested it with another monitor and it works fully then the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


                It's the E4XXX and E6XXX SERIES that's involved re missing some power saving energy states that some other CPUs have. I prefer to use the term 'innovative' rather than an odd duck when it comes to the E900F - although it's actually wired in parallel with the main case switch. This means the cards power control circuitry has the same effect of pushing and releasing the case button 5 mins before the scheduled recording (if the PC is already fully powered down) and again after the recording to fully shut it down (as long as it's connected accordingly and the makers software is loaded). It's totally compatible with Windows generally because it doesn't even involve power saving states other than fully on or fully off. Have a read of the manufacturers website for further info.

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                  You seem to be indicating that the CPU is preventing you from using the Media Center capabilities, and even then Compro software is required.  The power feature is typical of external units such as PVR, DVR, VCR.  Considering the damage to my VCR power board I tend to think a computer may be better placement since cooling is much better.  The VCR did originally fail two weeks after purchase ($500) and seems to have simpler power curcuitry than the LCD.

                  I had been considering a new display since recalling complaints of power issues with the Viewsonic VP930b, as well as other monitors to this day.  The symptoms more closely match cap failure than those for power board or flurorescent tube.  Only slight bulging is present but the other replacements would cost more than $80 each instead of $13.  That is a very cheap repair for a MVA display, that is nearly identical with manual tuning to new e-IPS panels, except for brightness.

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                    Curious592 wrote:


                    You seem to be indicating that the CPU is preventing you from using the Media Center capabilities

                    That's not correct, it works fine. The problem is that should I choose to use sleep states on this motherboard, with C1E enabled in the BIOS and using the E8500 CPU, the fan speed is all over the place and sometimes locked into full speed as documented here already. Good luck fixing your LCD Monitor. I had one fail a year or two ago (the fluorescent tubes went) and it wouldn't switch on, It was getting long in the tooth though.

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                      Years of safety alerts allow me to state the cap change solved my monitor problem.  Changing the inverter board would be simple but not the bulb.  Bring on LEDs.

                      I have switched to S1 for the tuner card system.  Restarting after recording with WMC results in a BSOD even though it was initiated manually, under S3.  The sleep prior to scheduled recording under S3 must be a hybrid sleep with case fans on.  This is with the Q6600 CPU.  The Q8300 did have some CPU fan speed increases that were probably not caused by the monitor but C1E disable was ineffective.

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                        The wonderland got curiouser and curiouser.  With DG45ID in default S3, BIOS 131, wireless card and Q8300 CPU the CPU fan rose from normal 520-580 to 2500 rpm.  Since this is infrequent, with hibernate at 90 minutes and no sleep, I am unlikely to discover whether the keyboard, wireless, monitor, CPU or combination is the cause.  C1E disabled with 2 different keyboards did not show the problem.  I'll either ignore the problem or set to S1 since swapping keyboards to change the BIOS is tedious.  No other problems occur so I don't want to follow the rabbit anymore.

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                          So, after 6 pages of replies, has the issue actually been resolved? Has anyone found a way to get the fan speed right?


                          BIOS updates for this board have been stalled?

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                            Your answer posix, is no and yes.  As a matter of fact, I just posted my experience (new thread) with my DG45ID, which has been stable now for months, no fan surging, no inductor noise (another issue with this motherboard), BIOS 133.  Then I changed the power supply and one case fan, and... boom, fan surging and singing inductors.  Re-flashed the BIOS (133), no change, then I suddenly thought, "... what about the Intel Management Engine driver..." for this board?  Last release for the ME is 8/09, reloaded it, no change.


                            Frankly, I've been through every !@#$%^& BIOS release this board has had, since 081 bricked my first DG45ID (with my help.)  Things have been stable for my second one, since... I think 129.  Personally, I'm starting to think there is a problem with the monitoring chip on this board, or some interaction between that chip and the board.  For whatever reason, the monitoring chip begins transmitting false or garbled data, and the BIOS is reacting to that with odd results.  That is speculation on my part, but is based on my experiences and those I have read in the pages of this thread.


                            The workaround, as I imagine you have read, is disabling the CPU C State, as discussed on page 5 of this thread.  And I just realized, I was fooling with that setting lately...


                            Frankly, I'm surprised I am still able to get to the product page for this board, I don't think it is being sold anymore, two large on-line retailers no longer carry it.


                            As for a BIOS update, I won't hold my breath, but as Intel customers, we deserve support, particularly on a product that has not been deemed in end-of-life mode.

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                              Well posix, I can tell you from personal experience that disabling CPU C State will stop the fan surging issue, as well as the inductor noise issue.


                              If you care about power savings and easing the temperature of your CPU, enable EIST, which will accomplish both of those things, although perhaps not as well as using CPU C State.  But then you won't have the side-effects seen on this motherboard when C State is enabled.


                              Perhaps Intel considers this workaround sufficient enough to not worry about a BIOS update.


                              I've started to do some reading about C-States.  It's a bit complicated, including C-states for processors, cores in a processor, and logical or OS C-states.  A CPU will begin to enter various types and levels of C-states when it is idle, the idea being why waste power when no work is being done.  This is not simply a throttling down of voltage or lowering the operating clock frequency of the CPU.  To paraphrase a little bit of what I have read;  In C1 state, the CPU clock is literally blocked from the processor, shutting it down for executing instructions, in C2 state, interrupts to the processor are blocked.  There is so much more to this than I can explain here, and I certainly don't even basically understand how it works.


                              Regardless, if the C-states capability is working as it is intended to on this board, and setting this to enabled in the BIOS does not cause something else to go wrong, then there seems to be a problem caused by this power saving option in it's interaction with the BIOS and/or the PWM fan controller, which also seems to causes inductors on the motherboard to vibrate and create sounds.


                              Comments?  Does anyone know more about C-states?

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                                Even with several of these boards I have not found BIOS changes to be helpful.  If changes in hardware occur I can get into the fan surging problem with improper sleep.  I restart to return to normal and then unplug the mouse or mouse and keyboard.  The only system that then has a problem has a wireless card that causes a two-stage process for initialization of LAN.  No observed fan surging but did have a BSOD indicating improper shutdown.  I have yet to determine if shutting off the transmitter eliminates this occasional message.  I'm using Norton antivirus.  Even removing a USB memory stick can be very dependent on computer state so the USB bus must get confused or delayed.

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                                  parsec wrote:


                                  Well posix, I can tell you from personal experience that disabling CPU C State will stop the fan surging issue, as well as the inductor noise issue.

                                  I'm wondering if you (or posix) reported this to Intel tech support for action. BIOS 131 has been out for a while now and I would have thought they'd have time to develop a fix by now..... several months (and a new year) on. I recently loaded optimum BIOS defaults and forgot that enabled CPU C States. It was only after the problem came back that I remembered the need to go in and manually disable it.

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                                    Can't say that I did, 'Kiwi, since I didn't feel I was gaining much by having C-States enabled.  I use a C2Q Q8300 on the DG45ID, and just having EIST enabled is enough to keep the CPU quite cool at idle and normal loads, but I do use an after-market CPU cooler.  Personally, I think C-States are much more useful with mobile CPUs, for the power savings, or are you running your PC from a hand cranked generator? 


                                    Given the flaky BIOS history of this 'board, I decided to just leave it alone and move on.  Frankly I'm surprised this 'board is still "current" and not End Of Life yet.  At this point I kinda doubt that any resources will be put into a 'board using the ancient '775 CPUs.  Plus who knows, maybe there is some reason that it can't be fixed, the phenomenon itself is very strange IMO.

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