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    DG45ID Irregular fan speed


      Since last bios update I have been annoyed with an irregular fan speed. It can run nicely on 1000rpm's for hours, but, suddenly it will spike to about 2700rpm. Most annoying. My first guess was that it was some program grabbing cpu that caused this missbahavior. Running Prime95 for 5 minutes did not cause the fan speed to increase, so cpu usage suspicion out the window. Next I re-seated and replaced thermalpaste on cooler. Same problem. For no apparent reason fan spikes up to 2700rpm for a couple of seconds. Arghhh!!!


      Anyone else with the same problem?


      Could it be related to the bios fix "Updated the QST Thermal pro-file"? What ever that is?



      Hardware monitor HECI version
      Voltage 0 12.07 Volts [0x2F22] (+12V)
      Voltage 1 5.04 Volts [0x13AF] (+5V)
      Voltage 2 3.39 Volts [0xD3B] (+3.3V)
      Voltage 3 1.12 Volts [0x463] (AUX)
      Voltage 4 1.13 Volts [0x46D] (CPU VCORE)
      Temperature 0 38°C (100°F) [0xFFFFFFC2] (CPU)
      Temperature 1 42°C (107°F) [0x2A] (Mainboard #1)
      Temperature 2 82°C (179°F) [0x52] (Mainboard #2)
      Temperature 3 65°C (149°F) [0x41] (ICH)
      Fan 0  1002 RPM [0x3EA] (CPU)
      Register space  class = 0x15

      Hardware monitor Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
      Temperature 0 40°C (104°F) [0x3C] (Core #0)
      Temperature 1 45°C (113°F) [0x37] (Core #1)

      Hardware monitor ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
      Temperature 0 70°C (158°F) (GPU Core)

      Hardware monitor ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
      Temperature 0 70°C (158°F) (GPU Core)
      Temp running Prime95: 46C/50C

      IDG4510H.86A.0129.2010.0408.0910 AAE27729-307

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          have you tried going back to the earlier bios you had?

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            Tried replacing the fan with Intel D60188-001. That did not help. 0129 was still having fan control issues.


            Today I am running on bios version 0117. Haven't noticed any fan hickups yet. Looking good so far.



            Hardware monitor HECI version
            Voltage 0 12.07 Volts [0x2F2B] (+12V)
            Voltage 1 5.04 Volts [0x13B2] (+5V)
            Voltage 2 3.39 Volts [0xD3B] (+3.3V)
            Voltage 4 1.13 Volts [0x46C] (CPU VCORE)
            Temperature 0 38°C (100°F) [0xFFFFFFC2] (CPU)
            Temperature 1 40°C (104°F) [0x28] (Mainboard #1)
            Temperature 2 82°C (179°F) [0x52] (Mainboard #2)
            Temperature 3 59°C (138°F) [0x3B] (ICH)
            Fan 0  918 RPM [0x396] (CPU)
            Register space  class = 0x15

            Hardware monitor Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
            Temperature 0 39°C (102°F) [0x3D] (Core #0)
            Temperature 1 45°C (113°F) [0x37] (Core #1)

            Hardware monitor ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
            Temperature 0 71°C (158°F) (GPU Core)

            Hardware monitor ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
            Temperature 0 71°C (158°F) (GPU Core)

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              BIOS ver 129 I've found to have fan speed issues as well. It also has a problem of locking into high fan speed mode on occasion and when it does, my PC won't power off (the OS appears to shut down but the hardware stays running). Rebooting the PC in this situation is unusual in that the PC will briefly power off momentarily and then power back up again - just like the reboot with BIOS flashing. I've had such problems with all of the BIOSs up to/including 129 since after what I'm using now - ver 111. The only thing of substance I'm missing out on is the newer Video BIOS built into some of the the newer releases but other modules are the same. Why someone at Intel cant just check whats changed since 111 and 113 to do some debugging and fix these problems I don't know. It seems to me that this is a case where they don't make BIOS's like they used to.

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                I have the same fan problem with ONLY ONE of my two identical systems:
                DG45ID, 2x2GB Corsair XMS  C5DHX 5-5-5-18 1.8V by SPD mode, E8400 E0 with box fan/heatsink.
                Both systems are with bios 0129 and all latest drivers for windows 7 x64 at this date.
                On board graphic display is used, and there is no PCI/PCIe extra adapter.
                The "old" system (aka 308) is with an AAE27739-308 DG45ID, PWS is Corsair VX450.
                The "new" system (aka 310) is with an AAE27739-310 DG45ID, PWS is Fortron green 400.
                The 308 was built when bios was 077 and then upgraded with several bios revisions ending with 0117 then 0129, and has no fan speed problem.
                The 308 also ran before without problem with the cabinet, PWS, cabinet fans, where the 310 is now installed.
                The 310 came with bios 097 quickly upgraded to 0129.
                This 310 system is with the fan problem.
                At some moment with no clear relation to what is running, even small load, like windows Freecell game, the speed goes up toward 2000RPM and more, then after some oscillations returns toward 900RPM.
                The E8400 and the memory of the 310 were taken from the 308 where they ran fine, to have a better confidence.
                Swapping the two systems memory has no effect on both systems.
                The 310 had also some strange behaviour when flashing the bios.
                I flashed from 097 to 0129 using the recovery bios CD and a VGA monitor.
                Curiously I had no display on the screen, and after waiting at least 15mn i had to power off and restart to observe that, fortunatly, the bios was now 0129.
                When I upgraded the 308 system from 0117 to 0129 with iso bios method I got a display on a DVI monitor for the various steps of the flashing procedure.
                I tried the iso flash with the 310 system from 0129 to 0129 with a DVI monitor and again had no display but flash done waiting at least 15mn to be conservative.
                I neither enabled the acces to ME menu in the bios nor made any change in this area, the fans settings are in the default settings position in the bios.
                After each flash I set the bios to defaults settings and made the few necessary changes.
                For the moment the problem is still there, I made this long description because of the special case of my two almost identical systems, which may help to get a solution.
                I am open to some limited experiments, because 310 is my wyfe's system !
                The first one will be to replace the fan/heatsink of the 310 with the one removed from the 308 to have only the mainboard and bios difference compared to the 308 when it was running fine in what is now the 310 enclosure, PWS, cabinet fans.
                Then maybe back to 0117 and check, or wait for a new bios ?

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                  Have you thought about reverting even further to BIOS 111?


                  It's working a treat here with my rev 310 board and very similar specs. The only time I get fan speed increases is initially during boot when its' designed to blow the cobwebs out on occasion. The rest of the time the fans are all quiet as a mouse. It'd be nice if Intel actually fixed the problem they introduced regarding fan speeds with newer BIOS versions but I'm not holding my breath. I can certainly make do with this setup until a fully fixed new BIOS comes along.

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                    With my 308 rev. I had other problems with converter noise until bios 0113 came, then with standby wakeup until 0117, so considering to go back to 0111 is difficult to consider for me. 0117 was the only bios I had no problem with, and I switched to 0129 with 308 card only to have the same as 310 card.

                    However I keep in mind your 0111 good beheviour with 310 card, thanks for your post.

                    First I have to try the fan replacement, without great hope, a deep clear cmos memory, some experiments with others fan settings, observe if the fan behaviour has no relation with something other, and maybe understand why I have no display during the flash procedure.

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                      I observed that when the fan speed goes up toward above 2000RPM, Intel desktop utility (IDU), latest revision, hangs when opened to look at the temperature and fan values, like if the Management Engine software/firmware was no more responding.

                      This is not always the case because sometimes I am able to see this screen with high RPM...

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                        After replacing the E8400 stock fan by exactly the same the problem remains, as expected.

                        I Also added a small fan to maintain the motherboard sensor area below 38°C, the problem remains, even at 36°C mobo and 42°C core.

                        The fan speed rise is not frequent, maybe two three  times a day.

                        Next trial will be bios fan settings change, and clear cmos.

                        I have also read the thread about this problem at avsforum.

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                          As well as ver 113 BIOS causing new problems as mentioned re the fan speed and locking into a high RPM state with some motherboard variables becoming inaccessible to Intel Desktop Utilities, I found this didn't fully fix the component noise. In the end Intel sent a replacement board (rev 310 or newer supposedly has this issue addressed according to what I've read here). As for power management issues with older BIOS versions (such as 111), I just turn off my PC altogether when it's not in use. I also have a TV card which has it's own proprietary hardware to turn on the PC from a fully powered off state (for scheduled TV recording) so there is no NEED to use any powersaving modes such as S3. I have Windows 7 power settings configured for High Performance mode.

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                            With the 308 card:

                            -  I had noisy coil (not very lound however) until I upgraded to bios 0113 which stopped immediatly the noise and it never came back.

                            I understand that this is probably only a  workaround, but it is effective.

                            - Bios 0113 solved (or almost solved... spurious wake from S3) but it introduced a wake to black screen issue.

                            - Bios 0117 solved the wake to black screen.

                            My 308 then worked perfectly with 0117, and continues to work fine after an upgrade to bios 0129.


                            With 310 card I am trying to keep bios 0129 and not to downgrade, if possible. I have done the clear cmos trial  and have to continue to check for some time the fan beheviour.

                            This is obvioulsly not enough because I got the high speed fan following a restart command (spinning from 1000 to 3000RPM).

                            For what concern fan noise I checked a workaround, using a Scythe Big Shuriken heatsink, which only runs 1600RPM at full speed without noise, but this not THE solution.

                            Some more testing to be continued.

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                              In order to have something which keeps track of high speed fan values without staying close the system, I took advantage of SIW freeware.

                              It has a sensors command giving all the usual informations about voltages, temperatures, fan speeds, and keeps tracks of the minimum and maximum values.

                              When I run SIW I configure the system options to avoid running IDU.

                              With 310 card I  observed that the mainboard temperature sensor (Mainboard#1 in SIW) reports some strange negative values from time to time like -59°C or  -63°C, and that often correlates with the fan speed rise.

                              A tentative explanation may be that if the QST firmware reads a 40°C temp. after reading a (false) -59°C for the mainboard and substracts, rising the fan speed toward the maximum is not a so wrong behaviour, and because of the damping factor of the PID we get the characteristic sound we know.

                              With the 308 card system, I have neither négative values for mainboard sensor nor spurious high speed fan.

                              The root cause ? Of course I dont know, I can just imagine either a firmware problem or a marginal hardware interface with the mainboard temp. sensor.

                              Maybe a workaround should be to detect these obviously wrong values and dont take them into account .... in the next bios.

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                                We clearly have different experiences with the 113 BIOS 'addressing' the component squeal noise. Although it made things a little better in this regard (and the release was specifically designed for this purpose according to its notes), the problem was far from solved for me and still came back regularly so if there's still some/any intermittant squealing, you could try RMAing it for them to change the affected components/send you a newer board (and then revert the BIOS back to the version I'm using with no such fan speed problems).


                                I understand your desire to have the newest BIOS but this example proves that sometimes the newest isn't always the best (although I wish it was the case). If you check the differences between various code 'components' incorportated into the BIOS (according to the notes that go with the BIOS file download page), you'll see there's very little difference between them and (from memory) only the video BIOS is newer. I felt it was an easy decision to go for a quiet PC which didn't have the fan ramp up to high speed and give associated monitoring and shutdown/restart problems vs one with the latest BIOS which may have incorporated a few powersaving related fixes but had the other problems. Powersaving/hibernation can after all be turned off and the PC can be used in a simple on or off mode in most cases. Of course the ideal is to have a BIOS with all the positives and none of the bugs - that may be a wait though.

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                                  News of the day.

                                  - To cancel the fan noise I replaced the box heatsink by a Scythe big shuriken which is noiseles even when at full speed (1600/1800 RPM).

                                  - I downgraded the 310 card bios to 0117 rev. (after a clearcmos, load defaults), using recovery procedure with a CD.

                                  -  the problem remains.

                                  - The fan doesnt lock at full speed very often, most of the time it just speeds up and then returns to normal speed after seconds or minutes.

                                  - with SIW freeware sensors command I continue to have negative values (typical -59° or -63°C) at some moment for #mainboard1 sensor (card temperature) which correlates with fan speed rise. (never observed with 308 card whithout fan problem).

                                  - Looking at the place where is the sensor on the card I found a T21 branding 10 pin chip which is an ON Semiconductors ADT7485A.

                                  - The datasheets are available, this chip contains voltage and temperature measurement sensors, it is driven by the chipset through SST one wire bus.

                                  It is explained in the specs that it is sensitive to electrical noise, some rules are given for the PCB design, also errors figures expected relative to noise.

                                  Among under control sources of noise, there is the power supply, I have to check to swap the power supply of my two systems.

                                  To be continued.

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                                    I been watching this conversation for about a week , I think you guys a barking up the wrong tree blaming the fan problems on the BIOS 129, I have two machine almost identical with the exception in , one uses two raptors in RAID O and the other has a 160 gig intel SSD , But my point is I have been using BIOS 129 since the day it came out and have NO Problems with either machine. ?????

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