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    Deinterlace problems with 4500MHD

      Hello, all.


      I have recently bought a ultra thin laptop with this graphics solution, said to support full HW HD video acceleration.


      I have been facing some frustrating issues with deinterlacing of 1080i material.


      Both progressive and interlaced material (be it H264, Mpeg-2 or VC-1) run flawlessly with DXVA enabled, reaching 20% of max CPU usage, but the 1080i content present some strange behaviour, from tearing to playback stutters, while mantaining that level of CPU usage.


      I´ve tried several softwares and they all present similar issues for deinterlacing 1080i content. All progressive media formats run just fine.


      My system:


      Pentium SU4100;


      2GB RAM;

      Win 7 32 Ultimate;

      Splash Player PRO 1.0;

      Arcsoft TotalMedia;

      PowerDVD8 8.0.3228.50;


      Intel GMA drivers version:


      I hope that´s a driver issue. Has anyone here tried to use deinterlacing of such content with this chipset before?


      Kind Regards.