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    IntelC++ no joy with OSX10.6.4/HDF ?



      Has anyone succeed in using icc 11.1 under OSX10.6.4 when building HDF5-1.8.5?



      I am trying to BUILD and CHECK the latest HDF5-1.8.5 library with the latest INTEL-11.1 compiler Mac OSX-10.6.4 and despite a successful build, I am having difficulties at the 'make check' phase. We think there may be a bug in Intel icc 11.1 under 10.6.4. ?? Is there?


      We do know that HD5-1.8.5 compile-checking has succeeded under MACOS10.6.3(Intel) as reported by @pahra (http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/release/platforms5.html) but we have no reports of anyone succeeding with MACOS10.6.4(Intel) + Intel-11.1


      Although compilation succeeds (with a few warnings),
      when I do the 'make check'  I get errors about "Error: hyperslab values don't match"


      Building and checking with gcc works perfectly but not icc.
      Any help would be appreciated :-)



      I don't know if it matters, but reading here:
      I thought I understood that HDF5 uses an Autoconf "configure" script to determine the build environment and so I could get away with this:


      export CC=icc
      export CXX=icpc
      export AR=xiar
      export CFLAGS=''
      export CXXFLAGS=''
      export LDFLAGS=''
      export LIBS=''


      and then ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-szlib=/usr/local